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Residential Village

Extensive data shows that residential students graduate with higher GPA’s, persist to graduation at significantly higher rates (50-85 percent), and have a stronger alumni relationship after graduation. Join us as we construct NNU’s Residential Village. Your investment will contribute to the transformation of traditional undergraduate students who will then go out to shape the culture.

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NNU exemplifies community, and for traditional undergraduate students this community starts with living on campus. NNU is dedicated to a world-class residential campus experience that serves as the foundation for student involvement and interaction in the campus community.

What will my donation be used for?

The construction, upkeep and arrangement of the buildings in the new Residential Village will play a significant part in maintaining and improving the residential campus experience for which NNU is known.

Why are donations necessary?

NNU’s commitment to a world-class residential experience is far more than simply providing comfortable, technologically up-to-date living spaces. Students living on campus develop meaningful relationships with staff, have the opportunity to dive deeper into topics learned in chapel and class, and have direct access to social events, both planned and spontaneous.